Whole Child Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on whole child development: physical, cognitive, and social/emotional. Teachers observe and document activities in the classroom, then use these observations to inform how curriculum is applied each day. They get to know each child’s abilities, interests, and needs.

The curriculum is hands-on, because young children learn by doing, experiencing, touching, feeling, and utilizing all their senses. All aspects of a child’s development are interrelated. For example, physical skills are known to enhance reading readiness; positive self-image enhances the ability to listen and participate.

Time outdoors is also a valuable opportunity for child-directed learning in all areas of development.


Children create physical well-being by learning healthy and safe behaviors, developing gross motor (big muscles) skills, and refining fine motor (hand control) skills.


While playing, children practice problem solving, language development, critical thinking, reasoning, and more. Children develop persistence, attention, initiative, curiosity, and listening skills.


Children practice healthy relationships with adults and peers. They develop a sense of belonging and learn to express and regulate a range of emotions. They learn how to identify their feelings and ask for what they need.

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Ruth Washburn Cooperative Nursery School provides quality preschool programs for children ages two-and-a-half to five years old.