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All the Parenting Advice You Need on a 3×5 Card?

All the Parenting Advice You Need on a 3×5 Card?


My dad once gave me the infamous index card with “all the investment advice I would ever need.”  I’m sure I didn’t take the advice but I’ve always liked the idea of fitting everything one knows onto an index card. Having just attended the college graduation ceremony of our third child (a Ruth Washburn alumna) I have kiddingly been bragging that my husband and I are done parenting. And then I had the idea that maybe now I could try to fit all my parenting advice to others on one index card. Here’s what I came up with:

Sukies Parenting Advice

I do know that my parenting years are not over. How can I forget being 38 years old and getting in trouble with my wonderful dad for how I was raising my three-year-old daughter? So as my adult children grow older, and have children of their own, I’m sure I’ll be adding more advice to my short-list. But for now, here it is! Give it a try and let me know what I’ve forgotten.


 Sukie Jackson 04s teacher