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A Blue Day File

A Blue Day File


Parenting is a tough job. I can’t help but think about the mother who refers to her “crumbling sanity,” the dad who comments that it is lonely being a stay-at-home father, or the mom who says she looks at other families and thinks that everyone else around her is having such a great time. A Blue Day File can rescue a parent having one of those difficult times.

The idea for a Blue Day file came to me from the director of a non-profit for which I worked. When funding for the organization was short, an individual was disappointed by the program, or some other inevitable problem arose, he pulled out his Blue Day file which included appreciative letters, favorite photos and other positive reminders of the importance of the organization’s work.

I liked the idea so much that I started my own file at home. As a mother of young children, I had many challenging times and days. On such occasions, usually it was late at night, I could pull out my Blue Day File which not only offered me comfort but historical perspective on my life. Blue Day File

My file contains a wood block print I made in junior high, a marathon certificate (did I really run a marathon and did I really finish in 1,245th place?), a program from a memorial service, cartoons drawn by my sister, favorite book quotations, an article about self-renewal which I always find inspiring, a letter my son wrote to the tooth fairy and some letters and e-mails that have been particularly meaningful to me.

There is no limit to what a Blue Day File might hold. It could also be a box, it could be electronic, it could be a notebook. My own Blue Day File reminds me that while I might be feeling particularly blue or discouraged now, there have been many up times as well. I also appreciate the memory of the director who first showed me his Blue Day File.

Everyone, especially parents of young children, should have a Blue Day File, I think.


Sukie Jackson                        Older 4s Teacher