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Everyday Play With Friends 

Your children will have many opportunities to make friends and to learn about being a good friend while at Ruth Washburn. RW parents also have wonderful occasions for developing friendships. Whether it is relaxing after class in Minnow’s Room, participating on committee work, attending a class pot-luck, working a maintenance day or taking a parenting class, parents encounter many opportunities to build meaningful relationships.

Here are some ideas for fostering friendships for both children and adults:

  • Plan a get-together with an adult friend that includes children. Meet at the park or a public place. Bring a snack to share. Sitting side by side on a park bench is a convenient way to meet.
  • Share your parenting challenges with other parents. Asking for advice opens the door for meaningful conversation and provides perspective on problems.
  • Take time away from children to foster adult friendships. Modeling healthy friendships in your own life will have a positive influence on your child’s understanding of friendships.
  • Read books about friendship with your child to inspire conversation about what it means to be a good friend. See list below.
  • Welcome a variety of friends of all ages into your lives. These might include “school friends”, “neighbor friends” or “dance class friends”. While I’ve always loved and treasured best friends in life, I’ve learned that referring to them as a “best friend” excludes others and puts unnecessary pressure on a friendship to last.

When interviewing alumni parents for her study, A Case For Play, former board president Deb Walker discovered the following: “When asked about any unexpected longterm benefits from participating in the Ruth Washburn community, 85% of participants cited long-lasting and deep friendships between parents and children alike……The consensus was that it was because of the high level of parent involvement that these enduring relationships were born.”

It is certainly true that our family made many friends Ruth Washburn and that these friendships do endure! Our 26-year-old daughter is having her wedding officiated by her RW preschool classmate Jenny who graduated from Yale Divinity School.  I recently bumped into my “old” RW friend Jan.  When Jan and I were parents with children in the Middle 3s class in the early 1990s Jan often found me and my children hanging around at the school. Jan kiddingly offered me the advice, “get a life,” implying that I spent way too much of my time and energy at Ruth Washburn.

Well here I am more than 25 years later….still hanging around at Ruth Washburn. I assured Jan that “I have a life!”

“RW librarian friend” Nancy Maday recommends reading these books about friendship with your children.

  • “A Splendid Friend Indeed” by Suzanne Bloom

  • “Katie Loves the Kittens” by John Himmelman

  • “Bear’s New Friend” by Karma Wilson

  • “Pepo and Lolo Are Friends” by Ana Martín Larrañaga

  • “Will You Be My Friend?” by Nancy Tafuri

  • “My New Friend Is So Fun!”  by Mo Willems


I will add Russell Hoban’s book A Bargain For Frances to the list as an additional good book on the friendship theme.

Your Friend,

Sukie Jackson


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