Preschool Bird Activities

Looking for fun, free and developmentally appropriate preschool activities? Try this week’s bird themed activities at home.


Invite your child to act out this rhyme:

Once I saw a little bird
Come hop, hop, hop;
So I cried, “Little bird,
Will you stop, stop, stop?”
And was going to the window
To say, “How do you do?”
But he shook his little tail,
And far away he flew.


  • Go on a BIRD WATCHING WALK in the neighborhood. Look for birds, bird feeders, and nests. You might want to take a camera along and take pictures to look at later.
  • Set up a BIRD WATCHING STATION. Outside a window, place bird feeders where you can see them from the window or simply sprinkle seed on the ground or on a patio. Provide water to help attract birds.
  • Inside, by the window, include:
  • Bird charts to record the birds that you see.
  • Clipboards to add interest and give children a feeling of being scientists.
  • Dry-erase markers, paper and pencils to record observations and draw pictures of the birds.
  • Bird pictures

Record visitors to your bird watching station or birds that you see on a walk.


  • Do the birds you see eat alone or in groups?
  • Do certain birds eat only certain things? How do birds eat seeds?
  • Talk about the way birds move.
  • Ask children to imitate birds walking, hopping, bobbing, flying.
  • How do birds take off to fly? Can you hear the “take off” sounds?
  • Observe the shapes of their bodies and their colors.
  • Talk about the bird’s legs and feet, their wings, beaks, and heads.
  • How is a bird’s foot shaped?