A day at Ruth Washburn

First and foremost, a child’s day begins with a warm welcome the minute he or she walks through the door. The atmosphere at Ruth Washburn is comfortable and inviting. Children enter with big smiles on their faces, excited to see what the day has in store!

Although each class varies slightly, a typical three-hour day is structured as follows:


Interest Centers

An open time for children to choose centers such as blocks, art, manipulatives, puzzles, dramatic play, music, science, books/reading, writing and more.​ With an average of one teacher to four students, teachers and aides are able to engage children throughout their center time.



A special sharing time as a group. Circle time is a wonderful way for the children to regroup and share with their classmates.​



​​Snack time is an important part of our curriculum. Ruth Washburn is proud of our healhy snack policy and we use this time as a tool to teach proper nutrition. Snack time is a treasure, where children sit together family style and are encouraged to socialize with one another.


Outdoor Play

Ruth Washburn has an unparalleled 2 acre outdoor space, with different areas of exploration including prairie and hillside environments, as well as an organic garden. Experiencing the outdoor environment at Ruth Washburn is a tremendous highlight for the children.


Story Time and Goodbye Song

​Each day ends with the teacher reading a story to the class as a group. This allows the children a period of quiet time after being outdoors and allows the class to sing goodbye to one another before leaving for the day.