Everyday Play with a snake

Everyday Play with a Snake

We happened upon a snake in our Outdoor Class one day. Encouraged by  five-year-old Calvin, I managed to capture a part of the experience on video. The following video can be one or all of the following:

  • a demonstration of children’s natural curiosity
  • a sample of age-appropriate use of technology in the classroom
  • an example for the spontaneous learning that happens outdoors with children


Not only do I love the video, but I love all of the children’s comments overheard while they observed the snake.

“Does it leave a trail?”

“There’s the head.”

“I see its tongue.”

“It’s camouflaged.”

“Where is it?”

“Take a video.”

“Can you zoom in?”

“Make sure to see it moving.”

After the snake had slithered away, Calvin asked if I would be sure to send “it” to his mom. I assumed that he meant the video but I couldn’t resist asking him if he meant for me to send the snake. We both got a good laugh out of that joke and then we carried on with our day.



Sukie Jackson