Everyday Play with Stone Soup

There are many great ways to share the folktale Stone Soup with preschool age children. Reading the Caldecott award-winning book Stone Soup by Marcia Brown is one. This story begins with three soldiers “trudging down a road in a strange country. They were on the way home from wars. Besides being tired, they were hungry.”

A second book version is Jon J. Muth’s Stone Soup. As Muth explains in his author’s note “In this retelling, I took the traditional form of the Stone Soup and set it in China. I also used the Buddha story tradition, where tricksters spread enlightenment rather than seeking gain for themselves.”  I love the question posed in this version— “what makes one happy?”

I highly recommend cooking Stone Soup with children. A home version could involve a child helping to cube just one or two favorite vegetables and searching for and washing the stone. Or a family could take a trip to the grocery store together where each family member picks one or two vegetables for more variety.

Here’s how we made stone soup at school:

We asked each child to bring a vegetable.  Teachers provided child-safe knives, cutting boards and plenty of supervision. This year the combination of vegetables brought in by the children was a wonderful mix. Temo brought kale. Arlo provided a parsnip, Italian parsley, two carrots and a sprig of sage from his family’s garden. Kinsley and Avery brought celery. We had two zucchinis, one from Lucy and one from Cohen. Audrey provided a yellow onion. Our soup had scallions and carrots brought by Aidan. Lena surprised us all with her kohlrabi. Eli shared cauliflower and snap peas. Jude cubed potato slices to add to the mix. Calvin contributed asparagus. He and Lucy found the stone we added to the pot. We even had a bright red beet from George’s garden where we had visited on a field trip.

We simply added water (vegetable or chicken broth are both tasty options), salt and pepper, and boiled until the vegetables they were soft.

We served and enjoyed eating our soup!

Being the book lover that I am, I couldn’t resist taking photos and creating a homemade book of our classroom Stone Soup experience to read and share with the class. After reading our homemade book (about our homemade soup!) children expressed their opinions about their favorite Stone Soup story by voting—with stones of course!

Happy cooking,

Sukie Jackson, Teacher