We take pride in our school and think it offers the very best in early childhood education in the Pikes Peak area. Here’s a few notes of what others say about our school.

​”Young children are allowed to be joyous, exuberant, silly, fearful, active, shy, boisterous, curious…not in the sense that anything goes, but in the sense of understanding and valuing young children and their characteristics.” – RWCNS Director 1985-2003

​”Play taught my now 8 year old to negotiate, collaborate and solve problems on his own. This skill is recognized continously by his elementary school teachers.” – 6 year veteran parent

“Ruth Washburn graduates enter kindergarten wth self-confidence and an unequaled zest for learning. Their enthusiasm for discovery is delightful as is their willingness to take on new challenges that come along with being in a kindergarten classroom.” – Local kindergarten teacher

“RWCNS is exactly the type of place I want my daughter when she’s not at home with me; a place where she’s free to create and explore, a place where positive peer relationships are fostered, and a place where the cirriculum honors her age and meets her developmental needs.” – Current parent